Dispatches from our search for the right place to spend the rest of our lives

In America in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are seizing the chance to dramatically change their lives. In my case, the pandemic accelerated changes my wife Caroline and I had been planning for years: we both retired early from our Silicon Valley careers, and we sold…

You took the time to write your very best book, only to suffer the anguish of seeing another writer beat you to the punch. Now what?

‘Don’t Hurry’

As writers, we’re often advised, “Don’t hurry. Take the time to write your very best story.” And, of course, it’s good advice. But once you’ve been at it for a while as an author, this commitment to creative languor can lead to some wrenching growing pains.

This happened to me…

Teen-age hijinks and white privilege in the Santa Clara Valley

In an essay titled “The Hard Crowd” in the 1/18/21 issue of the New Yorker, the author Rachel Kushner recounts her youth in San Francisco, in the Sunset district where she lived and in Haight-Ashbury and the Tenderloin, where she had brushed with prostitutes, addicts, and punks. …

Careless misuse of a name marginalizes a storied history and an indispensable present

In 1986, the following sentence appeared on the first page of a book about Silicon Valley:

The name “Silicon Valley” is a widely used pseudonym for California’s Santa Clara Valley, one of the world’s largest centers of high-tech manufacturing, which is located approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco and…

Bruce Overby

Silicon Valley native, retired tech industry professional, long ago social media researcher, and writer.

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